Minecraft vs Roblox

Fortnite vs Roblox vs Minecraft Comparison in 2020

Today we are going to compare the top 3 most playing games in the World. If you’re a gaming lover, then you have must listen to the name of all these games and even played. Read this article thoroughly; you will love this article. Moreover, we also need your views and feedback about these top 3 games.

So, as you read the title of this article, we are going to compare these games. Now the question is which parameters we decided to compare this game. We will examine these games based on popularity, several active users, google play store ratings & currencies of these games for buying and selling.

The first game that we are going to review is Fornite. So let’s start.


Fortnite is a famous video game. Epic Games develop it. The release year of this game is 2017. Nowadays, this game is available in three different versions for gaming lovers. The first two versions of this game were available in the market since 2017. However, the third creative version released at the end of December 2018.

As we said, it comes in three different modes, so the first one was available only for macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC Windows. However, the other two modes were also available for Android and iOS.

Number of Users: It has more than 100 Million active users.

Number of Installs: Fornite has 500+ Million installs till now on all devices included.

Hopefully, you loved this review. If you have any suggestions for this review, kindly tell us in the comments. We will update this content.

Now, we are going to provide feedback on our second game that is Roblox, which is equally popular in the World. So, let’s start.


Roblox is the game in which developers created a virtual universe. In this game, you’re free to do anything you want, just like our world. You can create anything by just imagination. You can start playing this game today and join more than 100 million players that are already playing this game day and night.


If you’re an adventure lover and want to find new challenges, then this game is for you. It has several virtual worlds. You can go anywhere anytime and create anything with other players or yourself. However, there is a virtual currency in this game named Robux. You need a lot of money in this game if you want to survive. Therefore, we are sharing a Roblox MOD Apk Unlimited Robux 2020 Download Latest Version. By getting unlimited Robux now, a user will able to purchase anything. So enjoy this game.

24×7 Available

Now a user can play and enjoy this game with their friends at any time and anywhere. It is time to do some fun with your friends and get some relax from your tight life schedule. Millions of players playing this game on their Laptops, PCs, Smartphones (like iPhones and Android Devices), Xbox One, and Playstations. So why not you? Install today, and play Roblox.

Be Creative

This is the real-time to show your skills by customizing your character with hundreds of dresses like different t-shirts, hats, unique faces, and much more. A good thing about this game, there is no restriction on changing the getup of your character.


Chatbox is the most demanding thing in any game. So, developers of Roblox included chatbox for every user with a lot of fantastic features. Now, you can chat with your friends in the group as well as in private chat.

Number of Users: It has more than 100 Million active users.

Number of Installs: Roblox has 500+ Million installs till now on all devices included.

Minecraft vs Roblox

So, as per our point of view, it is the best game we have seen.

Now let’s go for our third game that is Minecraft.


Minecraft is the same as Roblox. It is also based on Virtual World in which you’re free to explore the things. Now you can build anything from a small house to big buildings and castles.

The good thing about this game is it provides enough resources to do anything in creative mode. However, if you love action, then there is survival mode for you in which you can fight battles with the help of weapons that you will purchase. Another plus point of this game is you can play this game on several devices like smartphones and laptops as well.

It has 30 Million active users which are 70% less than Roblox, but still, it is one of the popular games in the World.

Get as Much as You Can

Now, you can join large communities of this game and get unique and creative maps, skins, and texture packs from any creator that you like without paying money.

Free Gifts

When a user started to play Minecraft regularly, then different creators will provide free gift packs to a user in which unique maps and skins will be available for your character. So, play this game regularly and enjoy free gifts.

Multiplayer Game

Now, you don’t have to worry about playing this game lonely or with unknown people. Minecraft developers included Multiplayer in this game by using that feature; you can play this game with your family and friends. You can get a 30-day free trial to test this game.

However, if you have Xbox live account online, then you don’t have to purchase a paid subscription of this game because you can play this game free with Xbox live account.

Heavy Servers

Minecraft invested a lot in this game and built heavy-duty servers to get maximum users live at a time. Now, thousands of users can play this game without facing downtime.

Number of Users: It has more than 10 Million active users.

Number of Installs: Roblox has 30+ Million installs till now on all devices included.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you love this comparison. While if you have any suggestions or any kind of feedback, then share it in the comments section. We will give a lot of value to your comments and take positiveness from your comments. However, if you have any queries, then fill the Contact Form.

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